Quarter Kilo

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250g Red Kali
250g Red Jongkong
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Product description

Choose 250g (.55 lb) of what is sure to be some of your favorite kratom!

The FDA does not recognize kratom as a supplement, therefore we cannot sell for consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Green, Red, White


Kali, Ketapang

2 reviews for Quarter Kilo

kyle smith

Looking forward to trying you guys out i ordered yesterday at like 5pm and you guys are quick on processing and even made it to USPS before their cut off time! Not bad at all! Will do a follow up review for you guys soon :)

kyle smith

Honest Review (Not paid or sponsored or anything)
Ok follow up! Part Two!
Got White JongKong and it came in a day earlier than expected!! They really are fast for just free shipping!!!
As for the powder it is probably the finest powder i have felt as i tasted it. Not grainy at all and was very well made. The Packaging is nice cause on one side its see through so you can actually look at it and its a big open transparent side. I will do another follow up a bout a week or two depending how long i been using it and give you guys more info of what i truly think.
Of all other sellers like about 4 other sellers i gotten this is by far the finest powder i got so they definitely make it easier to ingest and its good on taste and texture.
Also much better deal than all the other ones i had too!

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