Variety Half Kilo

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250g Green Jongkong
250g Red Jongkong
250g White Jongkong
250g Green Pinoh
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Product description

Choose any two 250g bags of our pure and clean kratom, equaling one half kilo or 1.1 lbs! Stock a favorite or grab something new!

The FDA does not recognize kratom as a supplement, therefore we cannot sell for consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Green, Red, White


Kali, Ketapang

3 reviews for Variety Half Kilo

kyle smith

This is by far the best company for kratom and major under dog.
The powder is very fine and easy to make with drinks and doesn’t feel super grainy.
The quality of effects are superb and they actually stay with you unlike other ones they give you great effects but you can kinda tell they disappear cause you end up thinking you need more but in reality it lowers on the effects but just minimal and stays like that. This kind actually stays and keeps going.
Highly recommend this company im blown away with the price for something like this.
This is just or maybe better than a very well known brand that is usually very pricey but their quality is also good<3

Jim Jepson

Just received my Variety Half Kilo and am very pleased. I ordered Green Jongkong and Red Jongkong, and I am very impressed. This company hand picks its strains, and it shows. This Red Jongkong is the truest of all the reds i have tried. These could be labeled “maeng da”, but I believe it goes without saying, any variety of kratom that this company sells is “pimp grade”. Thank you
Acadica for the excellent product, at the best price, and the fastest shipping!


UPDATE 11/30/19
Still the best of the best of all kinda I had it’s never failed me whatsoever and has been my go to for the longest time of all brands now. Since May/April I believe and haven’t changed my brand since then. Literally the best of all kinds. I’m not hired as a review person or no gifts I receive for putting this down. Even my friends have all said it’s really good compared to one of the top companies like Urban is good and all but honestly this tops them hands down. Thank you guys for providing the best never change and keep doing what you always do.

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