Variety Kilo

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250g Green Jongkong
250g Red Jongkong
250g White Jongkong
250g Green Pinoh
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Product description

Choose any four 250g bags of our top-notch kratom, equaling one full kilo or 2.2 lbs! Stock up or branch out, the choice is up to you!

The FDA does not recognize kratom as a supplement, therefore we cannot sell for consumption. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

4 reviews for Variety Kilo


Acadica has literally the BEST, fluffiest, cleanest tasting, cleanest natural aroma and sense of well being that I’ve ever experienced! I can tell that this company takes their product seriously. I had a variety of Red Jongkong, Green Sibau, Green Pinoh, and White Kali. All of them were the best for the effects you’re looking for. White Kali is perfect with your morning coffee, the greens during the day, and the red before bed. It’s quite clear that kratom is their passion, and just like another reviewer said, Acadica has a customer for life! By the way, this price for 4 varieties is AWESOME! Thank you so much for your service, you’re a godsend Mr. Badger!!!

Forest Geeke

I have ordered a variety of strains from Acadica over the past several years. The price is what first got me to buy, and I have stayed for the quality and service. I’ve tried only white and green strains, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them; although I’m partial to greens. Got some ginger candies with my most recent order which was a nice touch. As long as Acadica is in business, I’ll be a customer. Don’t hesitate to order!


The other 5-star reviews pretty much say it all, just wanted to add my voice to the praise. Love how easy it mixes into water! Other suppliers I’ve tried all clump. The owner is super-attentive and the very few problems I’ve had over the years have been addressed quickly and correctly. <3

Matthew Jones

Great price for a great product. Super fast, free shipping as well; I live on the other side of the continent and got my order in two days.

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